5 Wood Burning Projects that are Perfect for Valentine's Day

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The Scorch Marker helps make any holiday brighter.

The reason for this is because our tool can be used to create gifts and decor that look professional, but are extremely easy to make.

In this article, we’re showing it off for Valentine’s Day!

With Scorch Marker, your Valentine’s crafts can be taken to a whole new level, without the need to develop a brand new skill. 

Here are five easy crafts that will help you LOVE Valentine’s Day again.

1. Paper Mâché Planting Pot

Believe it or not, the Scorch Marker doesn’t only work on wood.

In fact, this pyrography tool can also be used to burn paper, cardboard, canvas, and, you guessed it, paper máché!

Start thinking about warmer weather and days filled with love as you burn this potting plant.

And, give it a Valentine’s theme with one of our very own Valentine’s Day stencils.

Don’t forget: all our stencils can always be downloaded FREE by using the code: ilovestencils at checkout.

2. A DIY Coaster Set

Here’s another fun, easy, and useful craft you can create this Valentine’s Day.

A 10-count coaster set can be made quickly and easily when you purchase our wood slice pack.

Don’t forget to seal your coasters with a food-safe wood finish, like Odie’s Oil or Shellac, to keep your design waterproof and protected.

3. A Valentine’s Day Wall Hanger

Looking for some interior decor to enjoy during the holiday of love?

Why not make it yourself?

By using a heart-shaped piece of raw wood (which you can find on Etsy), a few stencils from our stencil pack, and some string, you can create the cutest little wall hanger.

Watch the entire process of us creating this project on TikTok.

4. A Valentine’s Wreath

If you like the idea of Valentine’s decor, but want something a little more in-depth than the wall hanging, try your hand at creating a Valentine’s Day wreath!

At Scorch Marker, we believe that wreaths are for more than Christmas :) 

By combining wood rounds, some rustic place card holders (which can be found on Etsy), and some craft paper, you can create a work of art.

The process of creating this wreath can also be found on TikTok.

5. A Homemade Gourd Bowl

As we mentioned above, the Scorch Marker doesn’t only burn wood.

This unique, versatile marker can also be used to burn gourd!

It’s really fun to use this medium because the smells are so incredibly yummy when you’re burning.

The gourd can then be repurposed as a planter, a sorting container, or just a work of art to be admired by all. 

The Scorch Marker can Make Any Valentine’s Day Brighter

Scorch Marker is wonderful because it takes holiday crafting to an entirely different level.

This tool helps even the novice achieve professional-looking projects that can be repeated again and again.

And, when combined with vinyl stencils, crafting is easier than it’s ever been before. 

Follow us on TikTok to see all our project ideas, and read more on the blog for tips and tricks on using the Scorch Marker.

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