6 Paper Craft Ideas to Create with the Scorch Marker

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The Scorch Marker is one of the most versatile tools on the market today.

It makes pyrography easier than it's ever been before and opens crafting possibilities that are virtually endless.

To put it simply, the Scorch Marker is kind of a big deal. 

But, it’s not only for wood burning.

Despite the fact that this crafting tool has the potential to burn images into wood and gourds, it’s also perfect for creating designs into paper, cardstock, and cardboard!

The Scorch Marker Doesn’t Only Work on Wood

In this article, we’re sharing some of our top paper craft ideas with you to show you all the crafting opportunities that are possible with the Scorch Marker.

Then, you can grab your 3-pack (with a 20% discount by using the code: itslikemagic), and start creating.

1. Cardboard Storage Box

You can never go wrong with a cardboard storage box, especially to hold all those crafting supplies.

The Scorch Marker can be used to customize these storage containers and add a little bit of personality to your crafting closet.

We found this hexagonal storage box on Etsy, applied a cute little stencil, and then went to town!

You can find the box yourself here, and the entire crafting video with tips and tricks on TikTok.

2. Paper Mailer

Wow your friends and loved ones next time you send a card by burning a custom design into the envelope.

The Scorch Marker adds a new dimension of fun and curiosity to everyday crafts, and produces a result that will be talked about for years!

Remember: try applying your vinyl stencils to fabric before sticking them onto your paper to reduce the stickiness and prevent it from tearing your paper.

And, see the entire creation process for this craft on Instagram.

3. Paper Keepsake Holder

Paper and envelopes aren’t only useful for mailing sweet cards and letters; they can also be great storage containers!

Customize your keepsake holders and organize your storage by adding a little burn to them.

This little envelope became the perfect keepsake holder for some of our most special Pokémon cards.

4. Paper Máché Planter

Can you believe that the Scorch Marker works on paper máché?!

This is actually the perfect tool for customizing pots and labeling planters.

Grab yourself a pack of these planters on Etsy, and go to town.

We have customized so many of them!

You can see the entire step-by-step for this craft, and others, on TikTok.

5. Customized Stationery

Customizing your own mailers and letters is fun, but what if you created a whole stationery out of it?

Take your mail to the next level with the Scorch Marker, and burn a theme into your next batch of holiday letters.

We did this fun stationery for Black History Month last year. You can see the creation of it on TikTok.

6. The Book of Smells

Tired of storing your essential oils just like everyone else?

Get creative with it with the Scorch Marker!

We found this adorable cardboard book/storage box on Etsy and had to get creative with them.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a “Book of Smells”, to store our favorite bottles of essential oils.

And, it turned out even better than we could have imagined. See the whole craft being created on TikTok

Creating Burned Paper Crafts has Never Been Easier

Burning your own paper crafts is fun, easy, and incredibly simple with the Scorch Marker.

And, because the liquid inside is completely non-toxic and food-safe, you don’t have to worry about little hands around your crafts.

Make sure to follow us on social media to keep up with all our new crafting ideas.

And, don’t forget to grab your Scorch Marker with a discount by using the code itslikemagic at checkout.

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