5 Fun Fall wood-burning ideas and patterns!

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Now that it’s getting colder, people everywhere are turning to their warm homes and cozy crafts.
This is the perfect occasion to pull out the fun hobbies to share with your friends and family, and just in time for the holidays.
If you really want to wow your guests this fall, introduce them to the wonder of pyrography with the Scorch Marker.
This wood-burning marker gives you the power to create all sorts of different works of art.
In this article, we’re going to give you four awesome craft ideas for you to try and enjoy this fall.

Fall-Themed Wood Rounds

What could be cuter than passing out matching fall-themed coasters for your entire family to enjoy on Thanksgiving evening?

These are perfect to add to any dinner table this autumn and are sure to bring some of the outdoor beauty into your home.

This natural and neutral decor will accentuate any interior design layout that you decide on, while also sporting a personal touch created by you or a family member.

Half Round Wood Signs

Half-round wooden signs are the ideal decoration option for entryways, over doorways, or even on the wall as part of an arrangement.

We decided to combine the Scorch Marker stencils with a half-round wood slice in one of our latestTikTok videos to create a simple rustic fall truck arrangement.

But the great part is that the shape of these cuts of wood allows you to get creative with your designs.

Fall Wreaths and Centerpieces

Take the time to wow your guests this fall with a breathtaking fall wreath or centerpiece created by you!

Purchase a simple wreath base from any craft store to start, or learn to weave your own with a Pinterest tutorial.

Then, you can truly make it your own with bright fall colors, like orange, red, and yellow.

Make these decorations pop by including accents like your pyrography wood rounds and hard-shelled gourds.

Decorated Bottle Openers, Spoons, and Other Utensils

For many families, Thanksgiving is the highlight of their fall season.

One amazing way to celebrate this year is by featuring your wood-burned designs on the dinner table for the entire family to see.

Because the liquid inside the Scorch Marker is completely non-toxic, it is an awesome tool for adding easy wood burning designs to utensils like wooden spoons, spatulas, and bottle openers.

Wooden Beer Tankards

Have some fun this fall season by adding a little pyrography art to your very own wooden beer tankard.

These oversized mugs can easily be found crafted in the best woods for wood-burning, like maple, birch, and oak.

Add fall-themed designs, like pumpkins, trees, and leaves, to the outside of your tankard to make it something to enjoy for months.

Stay Cozy with Free Fall Stencils from Scorch Marker

At Scorch Marker, we want to make sure you’re always satisfied with the turnout of your artwork.

That’s why we’ve created several easy wood burning designs and made them available to you in stencil format.

These fall-themed stencils, which feature coffee, a turkey, leaves, and more can now be downloaded completely free of charge here with the code “ilovestencils” entered at checkout.

Get a head-start on all your cozy crafts with these customizable stencils.

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