5 Surfaces to Experiment on with Your Wood Burning Pen

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While pyrography is a pretty handy hobby that allows you the ability to choose from many different wood options, the Scorch Marker opens the possibilities even more.

As the world’s first wood-burning marker, the Scorch Marker combines the joy and awe that pyrography provides with the freedom of a marker.

And, because heat isn’t applied until later in the process, the Scorch Marker is perfectly safe for children to get creative with. 

This radical wood burning pen can be used on-the-go, lasts a long time, and is completely non-toxic.

It produces true, permanent, wood-burnt designs that are shallow enough to be sanded away in the event of a mistake.

The Scorch Marker isn’t only designed for use on wood either!

In fact, with this tool, you can create projects with an authentic wood-burnt feel on many different surfaces.

In this article, we’re discussing 5 out-of-the-box surfaces for you to consider experimenting on with your Scorch Marker today.

Top Surfaces for Your Wood Burning Pen

One major reason why pyrography is so popular is because the hobby is quite flexible, and allows you to create art on numerous different background.

Wood is the most popular surface, but many people like experimenting with other venues.

Canvas, denim, and paper are just a few alternative options for you to decorate and transform with the art of wood burning.

And, like wood, each surface comes with its own benefits and challenges to overcome. Some of the best options to try include: 


One of the smoothest wood options out there, aspen is a perfect wood option for pyrography.

Aspen is relatively light in color (though there are often lots of color “bursts”), and this soft wood burns quickly and easily.

It’s a great option for the wood burning beginner.


Canvas is fun for wood burning, because it provides a textured surface.

Make sure to opt for artist grade, unlined canvas (it’s normally sold in a roll), so that it’s safe for burning.

Your canvas creations can then be formed into a canvas bag or backpack to truly make it your own.


Believe it or not, the Scorch Marker can even be used on denim!

Add fun, permanent designs to your jeans, denim jackets, and more.

Only a heat gun should be used as the heat source when burning fabric, as a torch will burn it and result in a fire.

Watch us use a Scorch Marker on Instagram.


Our absolute favorite surface for wood burning, sourwood provides a wonderful backdrop for any pyrography creation.

Light in color and with very minimal grain, sourwood holds any wood burnt design and displays it beautifully.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is another really enjoyable surface for experimenting with your Scorch Marker, especially because this option is completely eco-friendly.

Kraft paper is also incredibly strong, allowing you to display your pyrography creations in fun ways, like as wrapping paper.

The Scorch Marker Works Like Magic

Thanks to the Scorch Marker, pyrography doesn’t have to be a complicated hobby with a steep learning curve.

Instead, it can be a fun afternoon activity that you enjoy with the entire family.

Learn more about getting the most out of your wood burning marker and creating works of art that you are proud to share with others on our blog.

7 Responses

Janine OConnor

Janine OConnor

February 22, 2024

How long can you wait from the time you use Scorch Marker and the time you use the heat gun??

Lolita Stricker

Lolita Stricker

February 22, 2024

I want to scorch the edges of delicate fabric when making leaves and flowers using Silk, poly, netting, etc. Will this product work?



January 18, 2022

Will it work on MDF?



December 05, 2021

Will the scorch marker work on antlers?



April 23, 2021

I know I personally had the issue of feeling like I didn’t do something right when I was heating my first project, but realized I had my heat gun set too low… I had to use the second highest setting before the “burnt” look really came out – so I’d just recommend making sure you’re using something hot enough!



February 08, 2021

I have a logo that has a pretty big space in it….im having a hard time getting the pen to mark smoothly so it doesn’t look splotchy when heat is applied. I am a beginner with this technique and would appreciate any guidance/suggestions



January 20, 2021

I tried to do wooden spoons and it did not work at all it seems the ink did not adhere to the spoon. Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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