8 DIY Wooden Christmas Gifts to Decorate with Your Scorch Marker

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With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to open Pinterest in your browser, tap into your creativity, and use your energy to put a smile on the faces of those you love most.

Believe it or not, research actually shows that people prefer to give - and receive - handmade gifts instead of those bought from the store.1

That’s because people know gifts like these come from the heart and take much more time and effort to actually pull off.

In fact, gifts created for the heart are preferred by people over almost every other generic gift you could think of.

That’s why we’re sharing 8 awesome DIY wooden Christmas gifts that you can customize and personalize with your Scorch Marker this Christmas

Kid’s Toy Chests

Christmas is the season of toys, toys, and more toys.

Why not give the gift of storage?

The Scorch Marker is the perfect tool for customizing your chest with names, designs, and sketches.


A little goes a long way when creating with the Scorch Marker.

The tool comes pre-filled with enough fluid for several projects, or even one big furniture creation.

Put your innovation to the test with a bookshelf gift this Christmas, complete with quotes and cute drawings, that will be enjoyed for years.

Wooden Lantern

Rustic, farmhouse style lanterns are one thing everyone is talking about this holiday season.

Cute, customizable, and available in most craft stores, wooden lanterns can be painted, wood-burned, and tailor as your own.

It’s the perfect gift that looks store bought, but has the handmade feel.

Dog Bowl Food Stand

We can’t forget about our furry friends and family members this holiday season.

Wooden dog bowl stands are easily accessible just about anywhere, and your Scorch Marker can be used to add a permanent personalization for any family pet.

Advent Calendar

What a better way to celebrate Christmas 2020 than by getting a head start on Christmas 2021, and all the other holidays to follow?

Wooden advent calendars are not only tons of fun, but they are reusable and can be used year after year.

When you give a gift like this, you’re really starting a new holiday tradition.

Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden candle holders are a fun gift, because the shopping and/or wood working is most of the fun!

Get creative with your candle holders by thinking about options like pillar shapes, taper candle bases, or simple traditional holders.

Then, come in with your Scorch Marker by adding designs, shapes, and wood burnt names.

Birch Vase

A birch bark vase is a wonderful addition to any rustic, farmhouse-style look.

These vases can be used for centerpieces, or simply as an accent on the mantle.

Either way, they are definitely unique.

One awesome way to customize these vases is by adding initials and a heart to give a traditional tree-carved feel.

Bathroom Signs

Wooden signs have the ability to bring a full vibe to an environment, which is why bathroom signs are so popular.

The Scorch Marker gives you freedom to match your wooden sign with any bathroom theme or last name and, combined with a stencil, offers a true professional feel.

Celebrate with Your Scorch Marker this Christmas

Whatever you create this Christmas, the Scorch Marker wants to be there with you to celebrate.

Follow us on social media, and tag us in all of your masterpieces so that we can enjoy them with you.

And, for more tips on getting the most out of your Scorch Marker, check out our beginner’s guide here.

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