The Top 10 Scorch Marker Crafts of 2021

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One of our favorite places to share Scorch Marker crafts and connect with the pyrography community is TikTok.

There, we’ve had a wonderful few years of growing and thriving.

And, in this article, we’re sharing our top 10 crafts of the year to round off 2021. 

The Scorch Marker Makes Wood Burning Easy

The Scorch Marker is a unique wood burning tool that takes the difficulty out of pyrography.

It breaks the process down into three easy steps: draw, heat, and burn, which puts the fun and easy back into the hobby.

Here are the top crafts we created with the Scorch Marker this year.

1. Thanksgiving Cutting Board (442.9k views)

Did you know that Scorch Marker crafts are totally food-safe and non-toxic?

This is one of our most popular characteristics, and it was featured in this year’s Thanksgiving cutting board.

Scorch Marker cutting boards are so fun because they can be completely customized and tailored to your interests. 

2. Charmander Sign (110.1k views)

Pokémon had a huge comeback this year, and we were here for it!

We actually created several wood burnt Pokémon crafts this year, but our Charmander sign was the most popular by far.

Which, we get it. Why wouldn’t this fire type be matched perfectly with our wood burning marker?

3. The Man Cave Sign (108.4k views)

We love creating fun and unique interior decor with the Scorch Marker, and our Man Cave sign is no different.

There’s just something so special about the rustic look of wood burnt decor that can’t be beat.

4. Popcorn Bar Sign (106.7k views)

Our Popcorn Bar sign, which was another one of our most popular videos of the year, is another idea for interior decor that can be used whenever.

It’s simple, yet eye-catching, and the perfect addition to any farmhouse style decor.

5. “Gather” Cutting Board (65.6k views)

Thanksgiving-themed cutting boards were a hit this year, as our “Gather” cutting board was another popular video on our account.

There’s just something so special about gathering around a homemade craft to enjoy a homecooked meal.

6. Dishwasher Magnet (62.7k views)

Not only are Scorch Marker crafts fun, they can also be incredibly useful.

Take our dishwasher magnet, for example, which can be used to help communicate the status of the dishes to the rest of those in your household.

These magnets are not only fun, but also incredibly easy to make.

7. Snowflake Wood Round (31.9k views)

Wood rounds are fun, easy, and super quick to make.

That’s probably why this snowflake wood round was one of the most popular videos of the winter and year.

Because of the popularity of these types of videos, we even started selling a wood slice pack in our shop.

8. Whiskey & Wine Bar Sign (20.3k views)

The Whiskey & Wine Bar sign was probably one of the most fun to make, and we think it turned out incredible!

This project really highlights the importance of “popping the grain” (or, applying heat from your heat gun to the grain of the wood) for adding depth and dimension.

9. Christmas Spoon (17.1k views)

Everyone loves food-safe wood burning crafts.

That’s why this Christmas spoon gained so many views.

The Scorch Marker can be used successfully on wooden spoons, spatulas, and any utensil you can may think of. It’s an incredibly versatile tool!

10. Christmas Cutting Board (15.7k views)

Not only can you wow your guests on during the holidays with this Christmas cutting board, but you can also use it as an impressive DIY gift for a loved one.

Customize it with a monogram or something similar. 

Did you see a craft on this list that you’d like to recreate?

Visit our stencil shop to start browsing all the stencils currently available.

And, don’t forget, they can all be downloaded for free by using the code ‘ilovestencils’ at checkout.

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December 29, 2021

I purchased this pen and find it to be very watery and the design bleeds and I end up with a big blob for my design. Do I have a defective pen or is this how the product is supposed to work

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