Complete Wood Burning Starter Kit for Beginners

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Wood burning is the perfect way to explore your imagination and make beautiful works of art. It's easier than ever to get started, it just takes patience and practice. To help make getting into wood burning stress-free, we've put together this complete wood burning starter kit that contains all the essential tools and materials you need for your first project. With our kit, you'll be able to create amazing pieces without having to go out and buy all the supplies separately! Explore different techniques today with our inclusive beginner’s set.

What is a Scorch Marker and why is it so awesome?

    Get ready to add a new artistic touch to your crafting projects with the non-toxic and innovative scorch marker. This one-of-a-kind marker allows you to create beautifully burned designs on a range of surfaces, including wood, paper, and leather.

    Compared to traditional wood burning tools, the Scorch Marker is safe, easy to use, and versatile. It's perfect for those who want to deepen their creative skills, add personalization to a gift, or just experiment with a unique form of art. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the Scorch Marker is sure to unleash your creativity and transform your crafting game.

    Tips for Getting Started with a Scorch Marker

    With the Scorch Marker Starter Bundle, you can take your first steps into this world with ease. Everything you need to create beautiful custom coasters and ornaments is included in this handy kit, so you can get started right away. 

    1. Have you sanded your wood surfaces?
    2. Have you primed your Scorch Marker?
    3. Did you apply your stencils correctly?
    4. Are you applying the right amount of heat to your wood project?

    Make sure you're familiar with how to prepare your wood surfaces, use the Scorch Marker, and how to apply heat to your wood project before you start crafting with the Starter Bundle. Save yourself time and get the most out of your wood crafts right from the start!

    What comes in the Scorch Marker Starter Kit?

    • 2 Scorch Marker Pros (Includes bullet tip & foam brush)
    • 6 Premium Wood Slices (Made in the USA)
    • Sunflower Stencil Pack (1 Sheet of 14 Stencils)
    • Butterfly Stencil Pack (1 Sheet of 24 Stencils)
    • Heat Gun 1500 Watt (with Tip)
    • Detailed Instructions

     Watch our complete Scorch Marker Starter Kit Unboxing video!


    How to Use Your Starter Bundle to Create Beautiful Artwork 

      By using the Scorch Marker in conjunction with other pieces from a starter bundle, you’ll be able to take your crafting skills to the next level and create stunning pieces that are sure to impress. The bundle also includes other essential pieces, such as stencils, wood slices, and a heat gun, to help bring your vision to life. Whether you're creating a customized wooden sign for your home or a unique felt banner for a loved one, this bundle has everything you need to get started.


      Ideas for projects that can be completed with a scorch marker starter bundle

      Trying to be crafty but have no idea where to start with your new Scorch Marker Starter Bundle?

      Here are some easy to make ideas:

      • Name plaques for kids (great way to have a family night)
      • Coasters (free hand or use the stencils)
      • Banners (for upcoming holidays or names for room decor)
      • Outdoor porch signs (perfect for the butterfly stencils)

      You can create unique designs with the Scorch Markers and wood slices that come in your Starter Kit like these easy Christmas ornaments! These are great to make for your own home OR you can start your own small business by making and crafting for others!

      You can also use the pre-cut and pre-weeded vinyl stencils from your Starter Kit to create simple projects like these wood sunflower coasters (watch how easy it is to create with the Scorch Marker!)

      Helpful tools and tips for taking your scorch art to the next level

        Scorch Marker is a unique crafting tool that can produce stunning results when done properly. To take your scorch art to the next level, there are a few extra helpful tools and tips that can make a real difference.

        Sanding Kit

          A sanding kit or sandpaper is a necessary tool when working with wood pieces. Sanding your work before actually using the Scorch Marker allows you to create a flush wood piece to apply the Scorch Marker to. This helps prevent bleeding on the wood pieces you’re making.

          Wood Oil

          Once you've completed your project with the Scorch Marker, you'll want to ensure it remains in pristine condition for as long as possible. That's where the application of a wood oil comes in handy. Not only will it protect your design, it will also nourish the wood and help maintain its natural finish. Applying a wood oil is quick and easy, and will give your project the ultimate finishing touch. By adding this extra step, you'll feel confident that your Scorch Marker design will last for years to come.

          Scorch Paint

          If you’re planning on making larger wood projects/crafts you can utilize the Scorch Marker Paint, which allows you to be extra creative and spread your designs over larger spaces and have more control. You can use paint brushes, foam brushes, and more to help you design with the Scorch Marker Paint.

            Crafting with wood burning can be incredibly calming and therapeutic. When done safely, it is a great hobby to pick up and the results are often amazing. Using a starter kit is one of the best ways to learn how to wood burn as it contains all the necessary items to start working right away. This Scorch Marker Starter Bundle offers everything you need for your first few projects.

            Whether you are looking for a creative new outlet or want to create something beautiful that has meaning to you, this could be the perfect beginning for your wood burning journey. So take the plunge- get yourself a starter kit and begin crafting today!

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