DIY Wood Photo Coasters

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What if you could create custom home decor wood coasters in less than 30 minutes?

Wood coasters not only make an awesome conversation piece but they make easy gifts too! You can go from start to finish with this project in just one day!

Check out how our very own Scorch Marker Super Fan Lindsey made these amazing coasters!

Materials Needed

  • Wood Pieces (if you have access to squares those work but if not we highly recommend the premium wood slices)
  • Images (choose a theme or even motivational quotes!)
  • Maker's Magic
  • Paint Brush

Prepping Your Wood Coasters

Make sure your wood surface is ready to go before applying your images. How? You can add a thin layer of Maker's Magic on your surface and allow it to dry for about 1-2 minutes before applying your image.

Applying Pictures/Images

Once you have applied your first layer of Maker's Magic, you can then add your image. Start with one corner, while gently but firmly adding the rest of your image.

Sealing Pictures

Once your image is flat on your wood coaster, you can begin sealing it! Maker's Magic dries clear so your real image is going to shine through! (If you use colorful images the gloss from Maker's Magic will shine!)

Add a quick layer of Maker's Magic alone all sides to seal your image in fully and prevent future lifts.

It's all about having a blast while getting crafty! Picture yourself laughing with friends or family as you choose the perfect images and give each coaster a personal touch.

The sheer joy of seeing your favorite memories or designs come to life on those cozy little coasters is nothing short of heartwarming.

It's like a mini DIY adventure filled with fun, relaxation, and the happy anticipation of showing off your custom coasters to your loved ones.

Want to get more project ideas for using your Maker's Magic? Be sure to join the Scorch Marker Super Fans and share all your projects!

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Judy Newton

Judy Newton

February 22, 2024

Does the magic glue have uv fade protection unit?

Currently I print on printable vinyl for coasters and laminate a clear adhesive layer over it. To cut costs, would regular copy paper, cardstock, photo paper work just as well? I should get my order in the next couple days and am excited to start.

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