Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe Board and Pieces: A Ghoulishly Fun DIY Project

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While pumpkins and cobwebs are traditional decorations, why not infuse some DIY creativity into your Halloween festivities this year? Picture this: a handcrafted wooden tic-tac-toe board, adorned with eerie symbols and playful icons, ready to entertain guests of all ages.

What makes this such a cool and easy Halloween craft is you can play it anywhere! Really! It's an easy travel game that can go to any school function, Fall festival, or Halloween party!

Materials and Tools

Designing the Board

Depending on the size of your base wood piece you may need to first trace out your tic tac toe board. You essentially only need to make FOUR straight lines (it's ok if they aren't perfectly straight).

You can add in extra designs, like our awesome spiderwebs on various squares on your board.

Creating the Pieces

Whatever Halloween design you choose, you will need to make 5-6 of each design to allow for a full game to be played. So make sure you create that many vinyl stencils.

You can also free-hand your own Halloween design, some quick and easy design ideas (ghosts vs jack o' lanterns, witches vs wizards, skulls vs bats)

Adding a Spooky Twist

You can create multiple versions of this Halloween Tic Tac Toe! Use our awesome Halloween Stencils and create a Spider vs Pumpkin set too!

Want an even cooler way to play tic tac toe for Halloween? Try Glow in the Dark Paint! You can add it over top of your design once you are done with setting your designs. Turn off the lights and play while you listen to the best spooky Halloween sounds.

Safety Tips

  • Protect Yourself from Smoke Inhalation - when heating the wood pieces you may find a small amount of smoke occurs. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area while crafting.

  • Watch for Hanging Jewelry or Hair - The tools necessary for a pyrography project are incredibly hot and there is always a fire risk that comes along with handling hot tools. Pull long hair back and remove any hanging jewelry, just to further reduce the risk of burns or starting a fire.


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