Quick & Easy Halloween Crafts

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Get ready to brew up some spooktacular fun as we dive into the enchanting world of quick and easy Halloween crafts!

No need for witches' brew or elaborate spells here; we're all about relaxed and enjoyable crafting that's perfect for goblins and ghouls of all ages.

Whether you're decorating for a haunted house party, getting your little monsters involved in some creative fun, or simply looking to add a touch of Halloween magic to your home, these crafts are here to make your spooky season a scream! 

Materials You Will Need

Depending on what projects you're working, your materials will vary, BUT you can create multiple Halloween projects with the same materials!

Prep Your Wood Surfaces

1. Halloween-Themed Coasters

Halloween is right around the corner, and coasters are the perfect way to get the whole family in the spirit.

All it takes is a few small wood slices, some cute Halloween stencils, your Scorch Marker, and a heat gun to create the perfect coasters.

Make sure to sand your wood slices to at least 500-grit to achieve the cleanest designs.


2. Decoupage Plates/Serving Trays

You can use napkins, tissue paper, or fabric to decoupage onto clear plates and bowls!

If you are decoupaging onto the back of the plates/bowls you can see the design through so no worrying about food messing up the designs.

This is a quick and easy way to create some last minute party trays for your Halloween party!

3. Witchy Coaster/Decor

With the new Maker's Magic you can seal any of your Halloween projects and make them POP! (See how Izetta created this witch coaster)

Use your Scorch Marker to draw and burn your design, apply the heat, and then let cool.

You can then paint your design and seal it to make it last!


4. Fall-Themed Wooden Spoons

October isn’t just about Halloween; it’s also the season of autumn!

It’s this time of year that we also enjoy maple leaves and pumpkin-flavored everything.

With the Scorch Marker, you can even decorate and customize your wooden utensils and kitchen tools.

Because the liquid inside is completely non-toxic and food-safe, you can use your Scorch Marker to customize wooden spoons, spatulas, and even cutting boards.

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