How to Waterproof Your Woodburned Crafts

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Crafting with theScorch Marker is so satisfying because it gives you the ability to create designs that will last for years.

That’s because, while it is shallow enough for mistakes to be sanded away, a Scorch Marker burn is deep enough to be totally permanent.

But if you want your burned design to last that long, it’s important to take the steps to protect it.

And in this article, we’re going to show you how. 

Sealing Wooden Crafts Helps Them Last

If your wooden craft is designed for heavy use, outdoor decoration, or kitchen utensils, you should consider sealing it to help it last longer.

This is especially true for projects, like coasters, which are exposed to large amounts of moisture over a prolonged period.

Tips for Prepping the Wood Before Burning

In order to make sure that your Scorch Marker design, and the seal on top, apply to the wood as intended, you should prepare accordingly.

We have an entireblog postexplaining the best ways to prepare your wood, but the most important tips to remember are to:

  • Properly identify the direction of the grain
  • Sand your wood to at least 220-grit, but sometimes 500-grit
  • Wipe your surface clean before drawing

When Should You Seal Wooden Crafts?

Applying a seal or “top coat” to a a wooden project is a completely optional step in the wood-burning process.

However, it is one that can take your entire craft to the next level.

Not only does the glaze add new dimension and shine to the piece, but it also reduces the chances of having your design permanently stained or damaged. 

Some crafts that would benefit from waterproofing efforts are:

And thankfully, many sealants available today go on easily and dry rather quickly.

You can find acomprehensive guide covering our favorite finishes to combine with the Scorch Marker here. 

Applying a Seal to Scorch Marker Crafts

As mentioned above, finishing a wood craft is not a difficult task!

In fact, it’s probably the easiest part of the entire project.

Wood finishes enhance the look of your craft and are typically either applied with a paintbrush, rag, or spray can.

Aerosol cans are one of the most popular application choices, mostly because they provide such a flawless finish. 

Shellac is our favorite spray finish, due to its protective nature and natural look.

It also dries in just a minute or two.

You can see a video of us applying Shellac to a coaster we burned for St. Patrick’s Dayhere

And, as always, don’t forget to tag us onsocial media in all your Scorch Marker crafts!

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