5 Fun Christmas Crafts to Make with Your Scorch Marker

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Christmas is the season for family time and making memories with those we love the most.

Why not take the opportunity to learn a new skill together?

The Scorch Marker makes wood-burning easy, fun, and family-friendly!

And, it can be used to create all sorts of unique projects together. 

In this article, we’re sharing 5 wood-burnt crafts that you can create with ease this holiday season.

The Scorch Marker makes Christmas Crafting a Breeze

The great thing about the Scorch Marker is that it’s so easy to use!

It takes the complexity out of traditional pyrography and breaks it down into three easy steps: Draw. Heat. Burn.

Instead of having to understand finicky tools or dangerous equipment, all that’s required is a marker and a heat gun.

You can read more tips for successfully using your Scorch Marker on the blog

Here are five easy wood burning crafts that you can create this Christmas. 

1. House-Shaped Interior Decor

We found these cute little house-shaped wood pieces from Target and felt like they’d make the perfect Christmas crafting opportunity.

And they didn’t disappoint at all.

To design them, we used the stencils in our 2021 holiday pack, which includes fun phrases and Christmas designs.

Remember: all our stencil packs can be downloaded for free by using the code ‘ilovestencils’ at checkout.

2. Santa’s Workshop Half Round Design

The coolest thing about the half rounds of wood is that you don’t need any additional materials for it to be displayed.

Instead, just stand your wood up on the straight side, and you have a sign for your mantel or countertop.

We used this half-round for a custom stencil that we created with our Cricut.

You can watch the full video of us making this project on TikTok.

3. Under the Mistletoe Wall Hanging

Rustic, homemade decor is some of the best decor.

And, we think that’s the case with this next Scorch Marker project.

For this wall hanging, we used a stencil that we found on Etsy and then burned it with a very light layer of heat to create a distressed look.

You have the final decision when it comes to the darkness of your Scorch Marker burn.

The longer heat is applied, the darker the burn will be.

4. Santa’s Platter Serving Tray

Not only is the Scorch Marker fun and family-friendly, but it’s also completely non-toxic and food-safe.

This means that you can use it to design serving platters, cutting boards, and even cooking utensils.

The most important thing to remember when burning projects designed for food is to seal it when you’re finished.

This will keep your design protected and water-resistant.

Our favorite food-safe finishes are Shellac and Odie’s Oil. You can watch us create this project on TikTok.

5. Custom Wood Burnt Spoons

Wood burnt crafts in the kitchen are so fun because it’s not every day that you see custom kitchen decor.

You can use the Scorch Marker to design your wooden spoons, spatulas, and other utensils in any way that you like.

Use these handmade spoons for Christmas dinner or as a gift for someone you love.

The possibilities are endless!

For more Scorch Marker tips and project ideas, visit our Instagram page.

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