5 Spring Scorch Marker Crafts Ideas For the Plant Lover

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Do you have a plant lover in your life?

Or, maybe you’re the one unable to take a trip to Home Depot without purchasing three new houseplants?

Either way, we’ve got the best Scorch Marker craft ideas for you to take your plant obsession to the next level.

In this article, we’re sharing five craft ideas that are perfect for the spring and any “plant mom” in your life. Let’s see them!

It’s Never Been Easier to Burn Flower Designs Until Now

The Scorch Marker makes burning designs easier than ever before!

And, because it takes the technology of wood-burning and puts it into a marker, this unique crafting tool can even be combined with stencils made of plastic, metal, paper, and even vinyl!

This allows even the absolute beginner to create professional-grade pieces in just minutes.

Here are five Scorch Marker ideas you’ll want to recreate.

1. A Flower-Themed Gourd

The great thing about the Scorch Marker is that it doesn’t only work on wood!

This awesome marker can even create designs on paper mâché, canvas, and even denim.

And, as we’ve found out here, it can even burn designs into dried gourd!

For this adorable gourd bowl, we went with a simple sunflower design, and I think it turned out so well.

2. Flower Pebbles

Looking to add a little life to your desk or workspace?

These wooden pebbles act as perfect placeholders and paperweights.

They also act as the best canvas for any Scorch Marker craft that you can think of.

We decided to use ours for some cute flower decor and they didn’t disappoint.

Anyone would be flattered to receive these as a gift - they’ll never believe you created them yourself!

3. Plant Lover Coasters

Coasters are always one of our Scorch Marker go-tos!

They are so easy to create and can be customized in so many different ways.

We used these adorably usefully square coasters and some fun plant stencils to create this entire plant lover coaster set, which would make a great addition to anyone’s kitchen decor.

Don’t forget to seal your coasters with a food-safe finish (like this one you can make yourself!) to keep your coasters waterproof.

4. An Adorable Planter

As we mentioned above, the Scorch Marker can also be used on paper mâché!

This means that you can burn a plant design into your next paper planter, which acts as a great way to identify your seedlings.

These paper mâché planters act as the perfect gift, and burn so easily it’s like they were made for the Scorch Marker.

And, the greatest thing about this medium is that there’s no sanding required!

5. Decorative Envelopes

Believe it or not, burning paper mâché isn’t as cool as this crafting tool gets.

The Scorch Marker can also be used on regular paper, cardstock, and kraft paper.

This allows you to burn your own custom designs in paper, envelopes, and stationery.

What would you do with a whole bunch of plant-themed paper? 

With the Scorch Marker, the crafting possibilities are endless.

No matter what your interests are, this tool can help you create professional-quality crafts with ease.

We’d love to see some of your plant projects!

Tag us on social media or send them in to submit@scorchmarker.com so we can share them.

Happy crafting!

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