5 Mother's Day Crafts to Burn for Mom

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May is the time of year to make Mom feel special, and creating handmade gifts is one of the best ways to do that.

And, with the Scorch Marker, you can try your hand at creating personalized crafts with a professional touch.

Your mom won’t believe that you designed them yourself! 

In this article, we’re sharing five project ideas for you to create this Mother’s Day to show your mom how loved she really is. 

5 Mother’s Day Crafts to Create with the Scorch Marker

From burning envelopes to customizing your own wooden utensils, the possibilities for crafting with the Scorch Marker are endless.

Here are five unique craft ideas that will make your mom beam with pride.

1. Wood Markers for the Garden

Mother’s Day lines up perfectly with garden season, making this the perfect time of year for creating your own wooden garden markers.

By using our small wood slices, some popsicle sticks, and the Scorch Marker, we were able to create cute, functional wood-burned garden markers.

It’s the best way for identifying the herbs that your mom is growing, while also showing off your incredible pyrography skills. 

Make sure to check this craft out on TikTok to see how it’s done. 

2. Customized Kitchen Utensils

Did you know that the Scorch Marker is entirely food-safe and non-toxic?

This means that you can use it on cutting boards, utensils, and other products designed to be used around food.

Imagine how excited your mom will be when you present her with her very own, custom-burned utensils. So impressed!

Just make sure to seal your utensils with a food safe finish (like Odie’s Oil or Shellac) to keep your design protected and water resistant.

And, don’t forget to watch the entire burning process on TikTok.

3. Coasters for Her Coffee

If your mom is a hot drink lover, we’ve got the perfect craft for you!

When you combine the Scorch Marker with our wood slice 10-pack, you have the potential to create the most adorable coaster set for Mother’s Day.

And, it’s sure to be a useful gift that she’ll cherish for years to come.

The most important thing to remember when crafting with our wood slices is to always sand them to at least 500-grit to prevent bleeding and achieve the cleanest lines

And, as always, you can find inspiration for this craft on TikTok.

4. Hand-Drawn Cards

Did you know that the Scorch Marker can be used over paper?!

That’s right, and there’s no sanding necessary for this super simple craft.

Surprise your mom with a hand-burned card, and show her all the crafting possibilities that exist today.

Using a Scorch Marker has never been easier. Check out the tips for using it to burn paper on TikTok.

5. An Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’re wanting to create something special and unique this Mother’s Day, then look no further than this wooden essential oil diffuser.

We combined a slice of wood, the Scorch Marker, and some essential oils to create a craft that any mom would love.

Simply hang it in her rearview mirror and she’ll be reminded of your love (and craftiness!) every time she drives. 

You can find the details for this super fun craft on TikTok

Thanks to the Scorch Marker, making mom feel loved has never been easier.

And now, you can create wood burned crafts like you’ve always dreamed of.

What are you creating for Mother’s Day?

Share it with us on social media for your chance to be featured!

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